Milan Hrnjazović




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The Palm

The idea of individuality was probably born when Homo Sapiens made his hand-print on the walls of The Gargas Caves, as a personal signature. Although all the later civilisations throughout history proclaimed various social and ethical models, none of them, regardless of how repressive it was, succeeded to hold back the individual spirit.

In the contemporary world, an individual is no longer a passive being that usually obeys general rules of conduct; he or she is expected to create their own lifestyle as well as to shape their own environment.

I wanted to make a remake of this prehistoric art motif. Once upon a time, it was believed that palm reading could reveal destiny-nowadays, the fingerprint is a mean of a personal identification.The representation of human hand is both individual and common, as it also implies human manual activities and evolution.

In accordance, I used appropriate materials – polished silver surface resembling a mirror symbolically represents the possibility of identification of every spectator through this symbol.

The Palm, mixed media 90x130cm (35x51in), 2003.